Address : Sector 3, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Admission Open : Play group to X.

Registration for admission, session 2020-21 is open.

All admission related e-mails should be sent to

For Admission in the school follow the following steps:

Step one

Purchase Prospectus with Registration Form from the school during working hours.

Step two

Submit the duly filled Registration Form at the school office.

Step three

1) Student along with Parents will be called for the interaction with the Principal.
2) Admission will be granted on the interaction with the Principal for classes play group to X.

Documents to be submitted at the time of admission:

   1. Original transfer certificate where applicable
   2. Copy of the result of the previous class where applicable
   3. Original birth certificate along with attested copy of the birth certificate
   4. Certificate of belonging to weaker section & disadvantaged group
   5. Address proof
   6. Aadhar number


About Counseling

The role of Counseling.

Counseling provides an opportunity for children to talk, in confidence, about things that are worrying them or affecting their day to day life. What children choose to talk about is completely up to them, but common issues are bullying, parental separation, stress, friendships, change, bereavement, distressing traumatic events and anger.

Who is a school counselor?

A school counselor helps children & their parent in all ways, be it academic, social, behavioural or emotional. They work in collaboration with the teachers, parents and special educators to create a healthy learning environment that makes them feel comfortable. They also help to provide specific solutions to children with particular problems.

Why is counseling required for parents?

Counselors can offer family strategies on parenting and helpful advice on how to connect with their children, school counselors are trained to be the front line in terms of assessing the talent and interest field of student and the career path as well.

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