Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

Flipped Learning

Flipped Classroom is an attempt to break away from the passive, assembly-line form of teaching that riddles our current educational system. Teachers generate content (video/ text lessons) that are handed over to the learner prior to class, and encourage the students to learn at their own pace. This methodology has proved yet another step towards personalized, self-paced, and learner-driven education.

Sport Activities

We can say sports as forms of competitive physical activity played by the people through casual or organized participation. It brings motivation, courage, discipline and concentration. Playing sports has been made necessary in the schools for the welfare of the students. Any type of sport is deeply connected with the physical, physiological, mental and intellectual health of the person.

Interactive Workshops

These are organized on a regular basis and students get an opportunity to interact with various authors and specialists. The Writing Workshop encourages children to write original and personally meaningful pieces, which are then polished and improved upon, by drafting and redrafting.

Research & Referral

The objective of Research and Referral is to develop questioning minds and creative thinkers for life. The focus is on imagination and creativity, logic and reasoning, conceptual thinking and reflection. Students brainstorm together to come up with research questions and then outline the methods of investigation. The teacher student ratio is 1:10. The process culminates into a project report or model which is unique in its conception and creation, carrying the individual imprint of every child.

Reading Writing Club

The Reading Club is geared towards helping children develop language skills beyond the framework of an academic curriculum. It entails activities that enhance creative expression, writing skills, fluency in reading, group dynamics and library etiquettes.

Life Skills

Life skills sessions are designed around self discovery, self improvement, and peer-to-peer support. The facilitator creates an atmosphere where the young adult may feel free, express, be heard, and seek solutions. Our life skills education happens through workshops, classroom sessions, collaborative activities, and class-wise performance-based Special Assemblies.

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