Mission & Vision

Welcome To Vardhman Group Of Schools

In today’s world, where one cannot even imagine the kind of professions and businesses that will exist twenty years from now, the whole pedagogical approach for education should shift from ‘teaching based’ to ‘learning based’, so as to prepare ‘life-long learners’. Vardhman International School has been conceptualized by the famous Vardhman Group with a dream to set up a world-class school, which over a period of time will become an institution second to none and the one that always will remain ahead of its times.

With a spirit to provide a global infrastructure, the best in academia and the greatest depth in the inward journey, the promoters have established this school where east meets west.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create leaders of tomorrow by imparting ‘man making education’. Backed by a curriculum that encompasses the distinctiveness of east and west, Vardhman International School is dedicated to the moral, spiritual and ethical development of children.

Our Vision

We are determined to create an atmosphere where values are considered an achievement. We strive for excellence through a new curriculum that encompasses all that is good in oriental and occidental traditions and cultures.


To recognize every child’s talent and potential and equip them with opportunity and character to nurture their unique ability.

Every student is treated as an individual with distinctive learning inclination and unique ability. We believe in eliciting the best from each student so that all can rise above the quagmire of modern day negativity and pessimism. We embrace the natural path of education in a green and peaceful environment.


In partnership with students, parents, and all stakeholders, Vardhman International School will create a flexible, learner-centered school community that advances learning and leadership within every learner while fostering the skills and dispositions necessary for success globally.